My new Surly Cross-Check!

  • Picked up a Surly Cross-Check from City Bikes in Portland Oregon on 7/30/16.

Yesterday I took my new Cross-Check for a 50 miles shake down ride and it became immediately evident that the stock double 48/36 crankset and my old legs aren’t a winning combination. I finished the ride okay, but suffered a bit on the steeper climbs, okay let’s be honest here, I suffered a lot! So, this afternoon it’s back to the bike shop for a mountain triple crankset upgrade.

So far, I’ve replaced the horrendously awful saddle that came stock on the bike with a black Brooks B17 Imperial, yanked off the stock Surly Knard tires in exchange for a pair of Conti Gatorskin 32mm tires and installed a Blackburn rear rack, I also have TONS of other stuff in the mail that I’ll install as it arrives. Expensive but fun!

My goal with this bike is to make it into a sturdy, reliable daily rider that I can also use as a century/rando bike as well as a credit card tourer. Honestly, I’m already more than a little bit in love with it.


Author: cyclethepacificnorthwest

I'm 55 year old retired firefighter living in Vancouver Washington. Now that I've gotten that 32 years of foolishness called a career behind me; my real life starts now.

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